Moving Forward…

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

It has been a few days since I created this site for folks to come and share their personal stories about unemployment and American joblessness. I am so thankful for those that have had the courage to post their words and express their frustration at the current economic roller-coaster all of us have been strapped into against our will.

The recent unemployment numbers were frightening this last release.  The numbers indicated over 500,000 Americans lost their jobs and were/are seeking unemployment insurance. That is a massive, ugly number. These numbers, of course, are only what’s reported officially. All of us know that this number doesn’t include those who are not eligible for UI including those that have simply stopped their job search. (How you can just ‘stop’ looking for work in these times baffles me)

Imagine the numbers of people leaving their own businesses, 1099 freelancers, and the countless other jobs lost that provide no unemployment insurance whatsoever!  The numbers are staggering and the nation seems to be stumbling around in the dark attempting to find answers to the ‘jobpocalypse’.

We hear tidbits and snippets of unemployment stories on the main stream media, but not nearly frequently enough to make an impact on the masses. It’s as if we have been left to our own devices or to wander off and live in a cave.

That’s why it is so very important that all of you not only post your stories here, but to do what you can to drive more folks here to this round-table blog. Tweet it, comment on Facebook about it, Digg it, or use whatever social media you like to get the word out. I want a thriving, stuffed full of stories site telling the ‘reality’ of this unemployment issue from those actually living it and trying to endure it. I want to be able to pepper the media outlets with our stories and get this site on as many minds as possible. We are not going away. We are not giving in and certainly not giving up. We are human beings with rich lives, experiences, histories and ideas. There is strength in numbers and we are many. So please, get the word out and maybe we can begin to develop a plan, method or network to be able to stand again amidst the apparent apathy of our fellow employed Americans.


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