How Goes the Republic?

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Folks, most of you know that I make every attempt to remain politically neutral. However, last night’s election results have spurred me to write something I didn’t want to have to write.

Yes, our political system is the best mechanism we have to steer the nation in a direction we feel is best for all of us. Yet, this election wasn’t so much a mandate for the Right, as it was a total rejection of BOTH parties. Americans feel helpless about the direction of this nation and, more importantly, the future of working class Americans displaced and facing hard times due to the Great Recession. That means you and me. We have just witnessed the pendulum swinging back wildly for what amounts to ‘picking the lesser of two evils’ despite a majority of Americans that feel BOTH parties stink.  Essentially, we have just knee-capped our President into capitulation. The GOP is and has been the party of Corporations, big business and, frankly for the last 30 years, anti-social change. and progress. The Left have always been for social change and progress. Today we woke up to a National ship stuck in the doldrums. Our sailing mast is broken and we are now left to row. Sadly, the starboard side is rowing backwards, while the port is rowing ahead. All the while, the skipper and the 1st mate are at odds and arguing about navigation. Where does this leave us out here on deck? It leaves us dead in the water and waiting like sitting ducks in the water of global financial swashbucklers. Even Rome fell, my friends….

All of us here and around the Republic that are struggling and scrambling to save ourselves from ruin are now left to literally fend for our very futures…even more so than ever before. I wish the news offered more hope. I wish this Administration hadn’t inherited 2 unfunded wars, a staggering deficit from a broken previous administration and a jobless scenario created by hubris, corruption and greed. Yet, here we are.

It seems there is little I personally can do to avoid total ruin and homelessness. In the weeks ahead I will lose my home, vehicle and what little savings I have left. I know that many of you are in a similar situation and I know the anxiety, fear and misery you’re feeling. I only ask that all of you please band together, talk and make every attempt to find ways to start new businesses with each other, network like you’ve never networked before to try and land some sort of job and stand strong in the face of this gloomy national environment. We can survive if we lift one another up and make change ourselves without hoping for a political miracle.

We are America and we must move forward despite such heartbreaking resistance.


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