Keep fighting…Be Strong…

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Uncategorized


My friends, the world is changing around us. I know the suffering and misery we are all going through is a debilitating struggle for self-worth and redemption.  Days turn into weeks, weeks melt into months and our situation never seems to fact, they often deteriorate.

However, if we simply close our eyes and fade away, we do an incredible disservice to those who find misery after us. We are not alone. Our numbers grow everyday. America is hurting. But, we must continue to fill email boxes and Human Resource folders with our names, our skills and our confidence. We must never falter or stop our assault on this national tragedy!

We are a talented lot with years…decades…of experience that holds enormous value to whomever is bright enough to offer us a path to travel. Please continue posting your stories so that we might glean insight and information from you…and you from us. We can lift one another higher through support and combined possibilities.

Keep fighting…Be Strong!

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the kindness and worry you express, but I am not ‘on the verge’ of shortening my own tunnel. That is against both my character AND my religion…but you couldn’t know that and I thank you for your concern.
    I meant the comment only as a reference to my changed philosophy of life in our society. I lost my mom to self-destructive behavior when she was still relatively young and I could never understand why she would knowingly shorten her life with all the wonder around us. I have since come around to an understanding of that choice.
    These economic times tell more about our society than just what happens when jobs go away. The anonymous nature of going broke, en masse, in this country speaks volumes of where we are as a people. We just don’t have a national discourse anymore.
    I’m rambling and I need to go to my parttime job…

    Thanks svp333!

  2. Mike says:

    Just turned 60 this last week. and I sure felt differently about it, aging, than I thought I would have just a few years ago. As my families financial situation worsens and I see no light at the end of the tunnel, it makes me wish for the tunnel to be a lot shorter.
    I never thought I would feel like that about life…

    • svp333 says:

      I’m 42 and also could never have imagined feeling the way I do about the future. I can empathize with you entirely. 4yrs ago I watched as my closest school buddy went from paradise to hell in a short time. His life fell apart & he had no tangible means of dealing with his situation. I was on the road to his home when he made the decision to take his own life…and that’s how I found him. Never would I have believed that in a few short years, I, too, would find myself in similar dire circumstances….yet here I am…and there you are…along with so many others.
      I won’t insult you with the typical ..’don’t do it’… and ..’it get’s better’…speeches. No one can dictate to you the thoughts that you have. What I can tell you is I’ve had the very same thoughts. Who wouldn’t be a bit depressed or despondent when a situation looks so bleak? I’m not a huge fan of Polly Anna thinking that… seems to me delusional. I’ve taken the last year to seriously reflect on my life and myself as a person to better find a path for myself for the future…and try as I might, I’m still struggling. So, just know you’re not alone. Not by a long shot. Come here and post frequently. Talk to others here that share our struggles.
      One thing I’ve found in my journey is that all of us…all of us…are watching the same movie. Sadly, some folks get up and leave the theater before the movie ends…others leave right near the end…while others stay until the theater is empty. But in the end, they all have to go home. Knowing that, why not stick around, have some popcorn with me and together we’ll get a cab and drive until we find some answers….

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