Is This The End?

The turn of the 20th Century saw a great industrial boom-time for our country. The Industrial Revolution was gaining steam and factories here and abroad began their dogged hunt for the race to the top. New and exciting innovations and products spewed forth as quickly as the choking smoke belching from the factory smokestacks and the hum of machinery and financial promise filled the ears and minds of a nation on the brink of adolescence…and prosperity.

Great minds went to work applying theory and confidence to difficult tasks and challenges as a Republic yawned from the fitful slumber of agriculture and village to technology and city. Automobiles were churning, skyscrapers rising, interstate highways were being painted across the fields and waters. There was a fever spreading. Almost imperceptibly, a disease was secreting itself into the very structure of this nation’s ever-increasing upper-class wealthy and elite. This infection raced through the ranks of the robber-barons and money-moguls. The disease had a name and a willing partner. Capitalism…and wide-eyed, catch-me-if-you-can, greed.

The stock market crash of 1929 was a cruel school headmaster with a PhD in financial discipline. The years that followed saw a nation with gripping poverty and uncertainty. Families were torn apart as fathers abandoned family responsibilities and their hope. The ‘poor-house’ was the address of far too many suffering citizens. Men, good men, hard working men, found themselves in bread lines or scavenging what they could from wherever they could. Reduced to animals and shells of humanity, many men took their own lives to escape the crushing weight of depression, anxiety and loss of self-esteem…and indeed, their identity. Mothers scrounged tidbits and nubs of whatever protein they could catch or beg for to fashion stews or meager meals for their children…often going hungry themselves. Even children shrugged of their own meal to ensure the youngest in the family ate…something. Tent cities bloomed like daisies across the nation. The Grapes of Wrath were ever present…except that there were no ‘grapes’.  The government stood stymied for years all the while promising..’..a chicken in every pot’. Yet what most encountered was indeed a ‘poultry-geist’.

The elite, with their surviving portfolios and tangible properties shrugged off the suffering masses and looked abroad for salvation….and found it. Labor unions fought mighty and bloody battles to gain a footing against the mustache-twisters and industrial complex for fair and just structure. Men, women and children died in the streets and on factory floors while those in power fought for their slave-like empires.

Then a world war slapped our faces out of the insanity just long enough to put men and women back into the factories to fight for the ’cause’. Ammunition, weapons of destruction and countless other commodities flowed from the assembly lines like a thousand tributaries gushing into a raging, ravenous river. Finally, chickens were stuffing pots and America came home from war to a technicolor, up-and at-’em boom-time. The 1950s splashed a martini glass of cold, wet ‘look-at-us-now’  into our collective faces. We thrived. We worked. We rebuilt.  Life was worth pursuing again in America. We looked up and saw the future. Spaceships and television. Chevy Bel-Airs and rock-n-roll. Man, what a time to be alive….and American. Yessir, a true Hollywood production.

But, no one was babysitting the money.

She weeps for what was...and may never be again...

What followed was 50 years of financial insanity peppered with moments of racial injustice glossed over by wars and ‘conflicts’  where Americans went off to die for Capitalism and hills and DMZs. Deregulation and Reagan. Trickle down voodoo rituals. Surpluses, deficits, BIG booms….and even BIGGER busts. Off-shoring of jobs, factories sent to foreign lands for cheap labor….WalMart…China. It’s far too gruesome to bullet point the madness of the last 3 generations. What’s left is now. A stumbling, cauliflower-eared Corporate Republic swaying and loping around the ring like a glass-chinned, washed up boxer that only needs one more round to go to throw the fight to collect the only thing that matters anymore…dirty money.

So tell me…is this the end?

Has America tearfully,willfully lifted her skirt and leaned over the edge of the table waiting for the Corporatist’s throbbing, forceful violations? Because it appears to me Uncle Slam is too busy working three jobs to stay afloat or is on the unemployment line… to protect her.

  1. missdisplaced says:

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  2. Mike in Carlsbad says:

    I am trying to wean away from internet posting and technology in general, in order to maintain my immediate circle. It’s the only way I can see dealing with this ‘new reality’…but I will give your blog and efforts a try. My hopes are low, but not dashed.

    • svp333 says:

      I completely understand. As a former techie, I’ve found I’ve grown a bit weary of what the internet has become. I can only try to isolate myself here and attempt to build something worthwhile. Whatever path you decide to take, know that you are welcome here and all of us value your input.

  3. SVP says:

    …and where should I send the check, Mike? Wow…thanks for that post. You’ve lifted my self-esteem a great deal. I hope I can continue for as long as I’m able. I’ve even downloaded an App so that if I become homeless, at times I will be able to post from free Wi-Fi spots when I find them. It’s all still so very surreal to contemplate.

    Maybe some newspaper will see your post and feel compelled to hire me on as the Obituary Editor at a small newspaper somewhere…LOL~

    PS~ I would take that offer….;-)

  4. ModestoMike says:

    Where in the name of sanity have u been? Thanks for creating this great looking and honest site…and none too soon!
    I have read your story and I can’t fathom how you are coping. You are an inspiration and a leader of the pack!
    Read over your writing here and …wow….your amazing. Your words weave a story that informs, grips and holds and then delivers a message that the world needs to hear. Reading your posts is like reading a novel you can’t put down and to think it’s a sad commentary on this country and its political BS and Big Business BS. I have subscibed and look forward to reading whatever you put up. Love it and again…thankyou for doing this. You’re my hero and I wish the best for you.

    • mary says:

      Hey Modesto Mike,

      I live in Stanislaus county too! I lived in Modesto many years.

      And I agree SVP is a very good writer….perhaps a new career path for SVP??

  5. ms winkle says:

    hey there,

    checked out your site again today. Some really great and very heartbreaking posts. keep getting the word out, people need a site like this

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