Working From Home

I know that many of you are truly interested in Work at Home job opportunities. I’m also fairly confident many of you have run across fishy job postings and shady Work at Home scams. Far too many of us fall for the ‘pay to play’ schemes out there where we are asked to pay a small fee or charge to begin the glorious process of working for the ABC Data Processing Company. After all, the information they are going to send you costs money to produce and mail out. But, before you crack open that wallet or purse or piggy bank ready to shell out the small fee, please take a moment and watch the short video below to better educate yourself on these scams. Some know all about such things, but there is always a new crop of hopefuls out there that think being suckered out of $49.95 can’t happen to them. Be smart, be safe and good luck. Pass along this information and tell others.

Here are some links and ideas for those looking to find ANYTHING that might offer some work at home job ideas. There are those that simply need something that they can work on at home due to so many reasons like disabilities, family structure or dammit, I HAVE TO GET OUT OF THAT CUBICLE JOB BEFORE YOU SEE MY FACE ON ‘COPS’.!!!!!!

I have compiled a short list of sites that have some legitimacy and aren’t scheme/scam related. I believe some of the links have gone dead since the economy tanked, but many are still functioning and I suggest you take a look to see if there might be something there for you.

I care about all of you and will keep adding to the list and will keep searching for you. Also, if you know of any Work at Home solutions, companies, ideas or suggestions, then by all means, please share with all of us. I know many that make a small living selling items on or on the new media darling, Whatever works, right?

  1. Cathy says:

    The cartoon just about sums up the working-at-home life. Thanks.

  2. Emmy says:

    Best of luck to you; I hope you can generate some revenue with this great blog.

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